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Meet Jo Ras
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Jo Ras was born in Australia, somewhere in the 70's. Joannes life ambition was to serve God using her cartooning ability. She studied Cartooning after finishing High School, then studied at Tabor Bible College in Sydney, Australia. 

Joanne has a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Counselling and has worked in the Mental Health sector for 12 years. 

In 2005 Joanne moved to Chicago, USA. She gained much insight while working with Children who have autism.  Their talent astounded her, and much of their inspiration moved her to start Corn on the Cob comics.

Joanne now lives in Sydney, Australia continuing her work in Mental Health Rehabilitation.

She enjoys a laugh with friends, a good cup of decaf coffee and reading comics.

Jo's cartoons have been previously published in Australian Newspapers and on Comics Sherpa.



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